• Hi there! Kraken is a forum for readers who love to write; be you an aspiring author, a fanficcer, or a roleplayer. We're hoping to build an inclusive and friendly community where we can talk about all the stories we love, support each other's work, and inspire a new generation of writers. Does this sound like fun? Join us!

    Note: Kraken is an 18+ community! We think teenagers are cool, but many adults don't feel comfortable talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, that one really creepy scene in It, or dirty fanfics with young people. Come back later, we'll still be here!

Terms and rules

Our Mission Statement

Clan of Kraken is a community of writers who love fiction, whether they are a casual writer, a roleplayer, a fanficcer, or aspiring to be a published author. We'd like be a place that is respectful and inclusive, to support and cheer on our fellow writers, and talk about amazing discoveries that we've found. Most importantly, we want to make friends with people who share our interests and enjoy each other's company. We don't need to be the biggest and best writer community on the internet, we just want to be happy book nerds!

To help build this foundation we have provided a Terms of Use Policy. If you do not agree with these policies or future policies, you may delete your account at any time.

Terms and Rules for Clan of Kraken

Using the Site

You must be of 18 years or older to participate on this site.
We are adults. Though we absolutely believe Teens are mature enough to have great conversations, we do not always feel comfortable discussing things like Fifty Shades or our favorite Potter Romance fanfic with underaged people. Please respect these feelings and come back when you are 18! Underaged members will be banned until their 18th birthday. We request all members to use their correct birthdate -- you can hide it on your profile for privacy.

We do not allow multiple accounts or the practice of "erasing the past" by deleting your account to start clean. We've found through experience that most people who use multiple accounts or frequently delete & renew are often doing so to escape punishment or consequences for bad behaviors. It's unnecessary - don't do it. If your original account is broken or you have registered a new account by accident, you can contact staff at any time to have it fixed or merged. Should we discover someone abusing the accounts system, we will block them from the site. *Account deletion does not apply if your account was deleted by the system due to inactivity.

We do not allow shared accounts.
One person per account. Sharing accounts can lead to issues if one person involved is causing trouble. We have a profile field you can fill out to list any household members who also have an account on Kraken so you are not flagged for having multiple accounts.

Do not steal content or plagiarize.
Plagiarizing is copy-pasting content word for word or only changing tiny words or structures here and there to create the illusion of original work. Always source content and give credit. Accidents will receive a warning, but willful theft will not be tolerated and is a banable offense.

Use the Spoiler features to hide spoilers or clearly mark threads as spoiler threads, especially on newly published content.
Many people love to be surprised and do not want to know what is going to happen in the book or fanfic they're reading. We have a tentative "one year" rule when it comes to book spoilers. After a year it's okay to let some things slip, especially for a wildly popular series, but in general, just try to be mindful.

Avatars need to be "Safe for Work and School".
The avatars are directly visible and displayed prominently throughout the site and cannot always be easily turned off by the individual. Thus, we'd like these images to be appropriate for a wide audience. They should not contain overtly sexual, violent, or gory material. If your avatar is reported, we'll delete it and send you a note about why.

We do not allow pornographic images on the site, whether it is photography or art.
This is in regards to obvious porn, hentai, erotica, etc that was clearly designed to be used as masturbation fuel or to incite a sexual response. The site needs to be accessible from public spaces and pornographic imagery can be an issue. We understand that many novel covers and art can be a heavy grey area, and will simply handle images case by case if they get reported. If you feel an image is in this grey area, use the spoiler code to hide it. If we need to remove an image, we'll simply delete it and send you a note about the reasons.

We do not allow content that promotes or celebrates pedophilia.
We understand that this topic will appear in novels and projects. What we do not allow is content that promotes it or celebrates it. This means works that romanticize love between an adult and a prepubescent child, or roleplays where prepubescent children are put in sexual situations. Reported content will be investigated for context. Those found breaking this rule or the spirit of this rule will earn an immediate ban and in extreme cases be reported to authorities.

Advertising is only allowed in our Advertisement forum.
This pertains to websites or projects outside of Kraken that are being shared purely for advertisement purposes. Should we decide a topic posted elsewhere on Kraken feels like it belongs in this category, we will move it here.

Donations to Clan of Kraken are non-refundable.
Be sure you want to donate before you pull the trigger! Because we're not a business, monetary gifts often go directly into paying bills.

Behavior Around the Site

Hateful behavior or content will not be tolerated.
We believe that people should be allowed to live, love, and believe what they want as long as their behaviors do not harm or promote harm to others. Acts of bigotry, sexism, racism, condemnation of one's religion or nationality, and so on will not be allowed here. Those who cannot conduct themselves properly will be removed from the site.

Remember this is a public space that is privately owned -- conduct yourself appropriately.
Consider this our home that is hosting an open invite party. It's a private space but it's open to public consumption and interaction. You are with your friends but you are also with a bunch of strangers who may share your interests, but don't know you personally and might not understand your context. There will always be new people coming in, so keep that in mind.

Clan of Kraken is an entertainment and social website; We are not here to give you therapy or to be a dating platform.
Sometimes you just need to vent or want to ask for advice about a tricky situation. We are a place where you will make true friends and perhaps even find love. GOOD! We want this! However, there is a such thing as too far. Please do not use us as a substitution for therapy, a stage for relationship melodramas, or to find you some hot tentacle love. If your behaviors become a frequent soap opera that disrupts the community, we will have to remove you from the site.

Make use of our blocking and report features when you have issues with other members.
Everyone will not get along - this is a fact of life! However, you have complete control over who you interact with and how. If there's someone who isn't breaking site rules, but you simply don't like them, you can easily block them and never interact with them again. If there is someone who is harassing yourself or others - report them. Staff will review the situation and act as needed.

Respect the authority of our site staff.
The volunteer staff are here to help keep the site safe, organized, and friendly. You don't have to agree with their instructions, you don't have to like them as a person, but you do have to follow rules and instructions. If you feel that a staff member is abusing their position, you may send in a report through this form.


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