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  1. Gossip

    What are you doing to stay inspired?

    My go to method is usually spazzing out with my partners about silly head cannons or made up scenarios with our characters. I've once talked four hours straight about how hilariously bad my head cannon for Tom Riddle would be as a father. Yes, really, that snake face guy!
  2. Gossip

    Housekeeping books

    So I'm pretty horrible at that housekeeping stuff, and for that reason I've procrastinated reading and doing the whole KonMari method even though I've had her book for a while now. Still, I've recently started reading a book called Unf*ck Your Habitat, You're Better Than Your Mess – Rachel...
  3. Gossip

    Official Harry Potter Fan Thread

    I probably would be if I wasn't deathly afraid of heights... I'm probably a brainy chicken, at most!
  4. Gossip

    Arriving Hello!

    Well, clearly that is the only satisfactory answer! Welcome! She probably kidnapped you like I did on Discord, so you know!
  5. Gossip

    Arriving Lemon And Spice make everything nice

    I remember when I actually owned physical copies of Harry Potter books... let's just say the wait between book 4 and 5 did a number on poor Number 4! Welcome, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to talk about all those fandoms as we grow in numbers and things get more and more lively...
  6. Gossip

    Arriving Good morning kings and queens let's keep it mindful and sexy

    Welcome aboard, most likely fellow 'Diana Hostage' :D! As I see it we're actually still setting up shop, but I'll probably hit you up on that cooperative writing offer somewhere down the line :)
  7. Gossip

    Webnovels Appreciation Club

    So it occurred to me when a what should be a simple brainstorming session with a prospective partner turned into us gushing about danmeis and swapping links for the few webnovels we liked that passed under each other's radar that I am kinda trash for a good, non-rapey webnovel. I don't mind the...
  8. Gossip

    Official Harry Potter Fan Thread

    The randomly shifting, levitating stairs in this deathtrap school would have me scarred for life, I think. #proudlymuggle
  9. Gossip

    I hereby christen this forum with it's first pointless poll: TEA VS COFFEE.

    @Shiloh It somehow fixed itself through one attempt or another, but thank you for your concern :)!
  10. Gossip

    The actually only truly good and believable Crazy Dark Lord Harry Potter fic I've ever read

    Yes, the title was long, but I found this gem recently on AO3 and I really liked it. It's a one-shot that manages to be just the right amount of words to tell a fascinating story of a darker 'what if' than what happened after the last chapter of the series, replacing the epilogue. Obliviously...
  11. Gossip

    Arriving Gossip's Kiss and Tell!

    Sure, sure. A choice it is, then!
  12. Gossip

    I hereby christen this forum with it's first pointless poll: TEA VS COFFEE.

    My nightmarish summer of nightly panic attacks made me kinda wary of coffee, so I currently prefer tea even though I rarely drink it (even though I have all I need for it and it happens to be GOOD tea: I am just lazy okay?)
  13. Gossip

    Arriving Gossip's Kiss and Tell!

    I'm Gossip; Primarily a reader, secondarily a roleplayer and very distantly thirdly an occasional short story writer. I tried writing fanfiction a few time but I have not mastered the process of planning anything and am still very much a spontaneous writer at the moment so my efforts were... eh...
  14. Gossip

    Announcement Welcome to the Soft Open of Kraken!

    I would like to suggest a Round Robin section as it's a bit like midway between solo writing and roleplaying!