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  1. Shiki

    How do you exercise your writer's mind every day?

    I try to make a habit out of replying to prompts whenever I see them (as you may have seen). Nothing long, just a couple hundred words. I suffer from chronic being bad at continuing stuff, so I like being able to write something that is complete in one sitting. It’s relaxing, it allows me to...
  2. Shiki

    “Oh, come now. Assigning points to a book? I can’t do such a thing.”

    “Oh, come now. Assigning points to a book? I can’t do such a thing.”
  3. Shiki

    Official Harry Potter Fan Thread

    Am I the only Ravenclaw? sad bird noises bird nerd house represent
  4. Shiki

    Favorite Books when you were a teeny tiny kiddo!

    Madeline l’Engel’s books. A Wrinkle in Time and its sequels were probably the first books that really taught me that writing could be magical. They didn’t make any sense - a teenage girl and her boyfriend defending a psychic kid’s mitochondria from the Dark Evilness with the help of unicorns...
  5. Shiki

    Free verse or structured poetry?

    Really good free-verse poetry is the best. Every single bit of the poem is committed to the artistic point, unlike in more structured poetry, where words have to be wasted to maintain meter. Like, basically anything Langston Hughes wrote. Hughes was a master of free verse, and...well, there’s a...
  6. Shiki

    Arriving Hello!

    Hello! I’m Shiki, or, well, that’s what I go by anyway. Nice to meet you all! How did you discover Kraken? Uh...that’s a good question. I found a link somewhere and opened it, I guess, since I found the tab while idling around on my phone. But clearly past Shiki had taste, if the existence of a...