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    Note: Kraken is an 18+ community! We think teenagers are cool, but many adults don't feel comfortable talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, that one really creepy scene in It, or dirty fanfics with young people. Come back later, we'll still be here!

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    Announcement Kraken's Public Open Phase Begins. How you can help!

    Greetings! Now that Kraken is starting to get it's first small trickle of new members, we thought it would be useful to post up a guide on how you wonderful pirates can help set us up for a successful future. Greet our newbies! We're all here to make new friends, so don't forget to stop in...
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    Affiliations Open June 12th!

    On June 12th Kraken will be officially accepting affiliation requests from active Kraken members that have been registered for at least 1 month and have 100 posts across the site! We will have 20 open slots and these buttons will appear on every page of Kraken in our footer area. Acceptable...
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    Don't know what to say? Here's a new member questionnaire!

    How did you discover Kraken? Are you an aspiring writer, fanficcer, roleplayer, or just really love books? What do you do to get inspired? In a fight between a pirate and a gang of suspicious cats, who do you think would win? What's your favorite beverage for settling down to write?
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    Information Permanent Tag Suggestions

    TAGS are a way to help people find topics on Kraken easier through search. They are usually things like genre, book title, author name, and can even be things like themes and moods. We are currently BRAND NEW and (as this thread is posted) only have around 10 random tags, so we're allowing...
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    Bugs Bug Reports xf2.1.0 3/4/2020

    Is something NOT WORKING like it should? Please report it in this thread so we can keep track of broken things.
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    Rules of Posting Ads & How to Link Back!

    Ad Posting Rules You do not have to be a member to advertise! We do no require a link back, but that would really be nice. You can bump your topic once a month. We prefer links to related content: Writing, books, reviews, roleplay, fandoms, etc. We will delete content posted by spambots. We...
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    External Resources for Writers

    This thread will house a collection of great resources to inspire and education. Feel free to link some of your own and we'll periodically update this top post. Writing Prompts MuseInspired.net Random Generators MixVixen.org
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    Roleplaying on Kraken Guide

    The rules of roleplay on Kraken are very simple. Content must adhere to our Terms and Rules. Roleplays are considered collaborative content. People can't claim your content as theirs, and you cannot claim theirs even if they use your content in their character sheets, roleplay posts, or...
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    Announcement Welcome to the Soft Open of Kraken!

    Clan of Kraken is aiming to be a fun space for adult (18 and over) readers and writers to hang out and be book nerds. Whether it is about our favorite fandoms or our own original work! Right now Kraken is Under Development. That means the site is sort of unfinished in terms of policies and...