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  1. Diana

    oh no. Definitely a different project!

    oh no. Definitely a different project!
  2. Diana

    Arriving Murder, she screamed. There was a lot of me.

    Hi Crow. 8D Welcome over to this side
  3. Diana

    The Belgariad Series by David Eddings

    Who else has read this series? O: This was actually my first introduction to fantasy novels
  4. Diana

    Arriving Hey

    @punkscorpions2 Oh yes, super duper new! We still have that fresh plastic newness smell, and in desperate need of some voices. Welcome to the site!
  5. Diana

    Greetings to you all!

    Well hi there, @ShadyoFayx ! :O You are chock full of exciting things! I'm excited to have you join the community and hope to see you posting! <3
  6. Diana

    Arriving Discreet Lobby Entrance

    You know, gravity probably would be the winner in that scenario. Welcome to Kraken!
  7. Diana

    Arriving Hiya!

    I really enjoyed watching Darkwing Duck too on those rare occasions we had the channel! O: Welcome to the community!
  8. Diana

    If I had a dollar for every book on my to-read list right now, I'd buy a million more books to read.

    If I had a dollar for every book on my to-read list right now, I'd buy a million more books to read.
  9. Diana

    Percy Jackson is getting a TV series on Disney+! What are you looking forward to?

    I didn't grow up with Percy, in fact I only got into the series a couple years ago cause @Erik K. Osbourne said it was cool and that I'd like it. (And obviously I totally did!) I hope they start off Percy at the right age, because it'd be awesome to watch the characters grow and develop over...
  10. Diana

    Arriving Good morning sunshine, the Earth says hello

    Welcome aboard, Kitkat! O: I hope you can settle in here and help us grow!
  11. Diana

    Arriving You should be getting more sleep

    Hi there Nightmare!~ :D I hope we do grow into a nice little community for aspiring writers and book nerds. Welcome!
  12. Diana

    I am super into BOOKSTAGRAMMING right now! How about you?

    Out of all the social medias, Instagram is my favorite. Taking pretty pictures is something I've always loved but never really had a chance to cultivate (couldn't afford to develop film, couldn't get a camera, couldn't get a nice phone, etc). Now I can but I never really know what to take...
  13. Diana

    What kind of future novels do you think will come out of the covid-19 pandemic?

    I was just thinking yesterday about how some of my characters would deal will the pandemic because they're a few years behind real time (and I'm hoping nobody dies), and then I was thinking about all the future novels and movies and such that're going to come out in the next few years! We're...
  14. Diana

    Resurgence - Poem or song in Progress? It's missing something

    I wrote this a few months back to support a challenge over at Iwaku! At the time I was super pleased with myself, but now I feel like it needs one more extra little pieces to it. I don't do poetry very often, so I would definitely appreciate any advice or suggestions on what I could do to fluff...
  15. Diana

    How do you exercise your writer's mind every day?

    One thing is for certain, if you want to be good at something you need to practice every day. Writing is no exception. But obviously, most of us are not working on that one novel all the time. So we have to keep our brain warmed up and in good condition SOMEhow! I know that a lot of us are...
  16. Diana

    Housekeeping books

    Interestingly enough, I follow this lady's website! The FlyLady I've never actually read any of her books, but her online resources are fantastic for learning how to slowly build good organizing and cleaning habits. O:
  17. Diana

    What are you doing to stay inspired?

    Many countries are in quarantine because of the covid-19 virus, and the world is s t r e s s e d out! It can be really hard to focus on creative projects when it feels like your world is falling apart. ⊙,◉ We have to survive somehow, though! Especially since being creative is the only source of...
  18. Diana

    Ó◇Ò Too many books to read and the attention span of a gnat.

    Ó◇Ò Too many books to read and the attention span of a gnat.
  19. Diana

    Arriving Hello there.

    Hello new friend! Ó,Ò I ended up being too busy roleplaying to take time to read books too. I keep telling myself I'm going to try to read one book a week, but I don't often make it. Hopefully we can encourage each other to do more reading and writing in this new community! Ó◇Ò
  20. Diana

    Arriving I'm awkward but I love people

    Hi there frost! :D Welcome to the site. I'm waiting on Pat Rothfuss to hurry up and put out the next Kingkiller Chronicle myself!