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Arriving Dead Men tell No tales☠

~Mother of Darkness~

Crime of the Filthy Stranger
How did you discover Kraken?
I write on Iwaku and know the owl mother Diana not personally, but we have interacted there before.

Are you an aspiring writer, fanficcer, roleplayer, or just really love books?

I love books, I am actually trying to edit a finished book and get it published, before my second book finishes. Also been role-playing for years.

What do you do to get inspired?

Sometimes watch fantasy movies, sometimes it just hits me and others I kinda force myself to write and it hits me.

In a fight between a pirate and a gang of suspicious cats, who do you think would win?

Bruh! Cats Duh evil satanic bastards that are loveable.

What's your favorite beverage for settling down to write?

Have no clue water or soda