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Free verse or structured poetry?

Which is better?

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Erik K. Osbourne

Crime of the Filthy Stranger
Staff Member
Hey guys, do you prefer free verse poetry or poetry with a structured meter?

Personally, I prefer structured poetry simply because a lot of free verse tends to be... well... lazy. >:[ It's not supposed to just be purple prose with random "artistic" line breaks, you heathens! Free verse still has meter, it's just not structured! But well-written free verse is a lot of fun too because it doesn't have to follow a set structure or rhyming scheme.


Divine Space Witch
Staff Member
Sovereign Owl

I don't like poetry.


I'm pretty sure I only dislike random blah blah nonsense free verse poetry that seems like pointless pretentious word vomit.

Because... how can I really say I hate poetry, when I love song lyrics? That's poetry. It's just set with music!

So, I think this is that one rare case when I feel like rules and structure are super important. I like there to be a rhythm to the words. They have to flow well, and you'll get that best with a structure vs just willy-nilly freeballing verse.


Coral of the Moon
Really good free-verse poetry is the best. Every single bit of the poem is committed to the artistic point, unlike in more structured poetry, where words have to be wasted to maintain meter. Like, basically anything Langston Hughes wrote. Hughes was a master of free verse, and...well, there’s a reason that Harlem is probably the second most famous poem in American poetry after The Raven.
On the whole, though, structured poetry is usually better than free verse. The Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day is mostly free verse, and they’re almost always really meh, because the poets never use the unique powers of free verse. They could say the exact same thing they say in structured meter, and pack in extra meaning via the meter, but they don’t, so it’s just...really meh.