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Partner Request Frost's Partner Search!


Hi! I hope I'm doing this right, I see I might be the first one! Yay! So please correct me if I'm wrong! I accidentally posted this under something else and can't find it now, haha! I'm sorry! Please delete that one if you see it!

Frost's Partner Search!

About me:
  • I love D&D and fantasy role play. I'm a DM for a local based group (though on hold now with the pandemic),
  • Romance is great! But I'm not looking for explicit scenes of any kind. If that's what you are looking for, I'm afraid we aren't a match. Sex is fine, but only if it's fade to black or skipped. I'm in a real life, serious and forever relationship, so doing anything else feels wrong.
  • I check in every day, located in EST timezone- I have a job and I understand not being able to reply every day. I also understand just not being able to continue! If that's the case, it's okay- just shoot me a message. "Frost! I hate this rp! Can we please end this!?" And I'll be like "fine! Thank you for writing with me!" and then we move on with our lives- even continue being friends! No hard feelings for not wanting to write with me. Seriously. I'll do the same as well (though nicer, lol).
- I'm a flexible world builder, I want you to like the rp! So of course I'm willing to discuss and change things so that we are both happy! Let's write a story together! :)
- I'm female, but I'm comfortable writing as both female and males and only as characters around my age 21+.
- I'm dramatic, sometimes a romantic, sometimes so very cliche, and I love every bit of it! If that's not for you, we may not be a match!

Role play ideas: TBA

Quick Pairings: (Can be played with or without romance.)
Witch x Warlock
Witch x Werewolves
Villain x Hero
Angel x Demon
Magical Creature x Human

Quick Themes:
Slice of life - Two friends meet each other again after 15 years and barely recognize each other!
Horror - At night the villagers refuse to leave their houses... and for good reason too. The forest nearby is dangerous.. And it's only getting worse.
Adventure - She/He wanted a life other than being a royal and marrying off- so... they took fate into their own hands... and ran away.