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Arriving Good morning kings and queens let's keep it mindful and sexy


Bastard Man Extraordinaire

Kit, soon to be 24, he/him, and I'm here from Iwaku! Same username between both sites, so feel free to look me up if you'd like more details about my preferences! I've been roleplaying for well over a decade now and I'm here to hopefully make some new connections with folks that are over the age of 18, since all-ages sites don't really jell with me anymore. If you're looking to collaborate on some stories, feel free to give me a shout! Looking forward to getting comfy in this new community!


Crime of the Filthy Stranger
Welcome aboard, most likely fellow 'Diana Hostage' :D!

As I see it we're actually still setting up shop, but I'll probably hit you up on that cooperative writing offer somewhere down the line :)


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I swear I had nothing to do with kidnapping this one! O,O

Hi Endy. :D Welcome to the sea.