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Arriving Gossip's Kiss and Tell!


Crime of the Filthy Stranger
I'm Gossip; Primarily a reader, secondarily a roleplayer and very distantly thirdly an occasional short story writer. I tried writing fanfiction a few time but I have not mastered the process of planning anything and am still very much a spontaneous writer at the moment so my efforts were... eh. I tried! I'll probably try again too, so do not despair!

Anyways, I was randomly accosted by @Diana (yes, I'm tagging you, deal with it for now, okay?) and more or less grabbed by the lapels of my virtual coat and dragged here. I probably could have said no, or at least pretended to be reluctant, but I'm constantly bored and I need people to talk about the silly things I read and the sillier things that pass through my head when I do so. Oh, and perhaps trying to write short stories more often and working my way to longer pieces would be cool as well... dunno how it'll go but whatev!

I'm dangerously close to reaching my third decade of life while still not having a single clue as to how to adult properly and what to do with my life but for now I'll cling to escapism for as long as I can and gorge myself on random stories. I like cats and dogs though I don't have any, and I'm quite fond of danmei at the moment (yes, I'm one of THOSE).

I hope this site won't crash and burn like another of the Motherowl's projects that Shall Not Be Named and that this will be a lively, warm and engaging community.

That's it, you can go now!


Divine Space Witch
Staff Member
Sovereign Owl
Sshh, shhh, that last project was not a crash and burn, it was a choice.

But yes, welcome aboard THE KRAKEN. >:d Perhaps you can find inspiration to work on those stories.