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Greetings to you all!


The Flamewolf
Greetings and Salutations!

I am ShadyoFayx, but you can call me Apollo. I'm an aspiring author of nearly 17 years now, and have been learning and developing my writing skills as much as I can. I hope to make new friends in the journey that is novel writing. A little bit about me? I am currently a full time Editorial Assistant at a newspaper, and have even gone to school for creative writing. I did not finish school; however, due to some health complications. That has not squandered my love for writing and exploring new worlds through the written word. I'm also a roleplayer! I have chat RP'd, Forum RP'd, PM RP'd, LARP'd, and have played Dungeons and Dragons. I'm pretty good at being anyone but myself. I have also run panels at conventions about world building and character building.

Some more things about me?
Well, I'm an avid gamer who does some Twitch streaming. I'm a cosplayer, a furry, an anime lover. I'm also a Pagan. OH, and I'm a safe person to talk to about mental illness, LGBTQ+ topics (as I am part of that community), and overall anything else that someone may need to vent about. I'm SAFE. Please don't hesitate. I'm sure there are other interesting facts about me, but I like to leave things open to discussion. Don't be afraid to message me about literally anything. Wanna talk to someone about your favorite Anime? ME! Pick me! If I don't know what you're talking about--I will tell you and we will discuss it so I can learn. I will research it even!

Anyways, that's me for now! Hello and thank you!


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Well hi there, @ShadyoFayx ! :O You are chock full of exciting things! I'm excited to have you join the community and hope to see you posting! <3