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Arriving I'm awkward but I love people


Hi. I'm Frost!
I'm 23, I love reading and drawing! My day job is as a translator. I enjoy snowboarding, skiing, running and binge-watching Netflix series'. I found this website by chance on toprpsites.com- and it sounded perfect!

And finally, my favorite authors are Pierce Brown, Pat Rothfuss and Brent Weeks. I adore sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction/non-fiction. Please feel free to recommend me a book any time! I will happily add it to my to-reads!

I'm happy to be here. :)


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Hi there frost! :D Welcome to the site. I'm waiting on Pat Rothfuss to hurry up and put out the next Kingkiller Chronicle myself!


Hi! Thank you :)
Omg, yes same. It's been such a long time! Hopefully in the next few years... haha!