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Announcement Kraken's Public Open Phase Begins. How you can help!


Crime of the Filthy Stranger
Greetings! Now that Kraken is starting to get it's first small trickle of new members, we thought it would be useful to post up a guide on how you wonderful pirates can help set us up for a successful future.

  • Greet our newbies! We're all here to make new friends, so don't forget to stop in Welcome Aboard and say hello when someone wanders in.
  • Post new topics everywhere. Right now Kraken is empty of content. There are so many books to talk about and so many things we could be nerding out over! Some of us are going for posting one topic a day, others once a week, post whatever fits into your routine. We need to set juicy, irresistible fandom traps.
  • Don't forget to reply to new topics! If you got words to say, then post them. Lets get these conversations going.
  • Invite your friends! Eeeeeey, we're ready for all the peoples now. Bring them on!
And... that's it really! Who knew the first building blocks to an awesome community would be as simple as kidnapping and posting traps?