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Arriving Lemon And Spice make everything nice


Crime of the Filthy Stranger
I probably got that saying wrong. But anyways...

My name on this site is Shiloh which is actually the name of my cat.

I love three or four Harry Potter movies I own and the two HP books I own. Someday I want to own them all. I also enjoy The X Files, Star Trek The Next Generation, St: Deep Space Nine, ST: Voyager, ST: Enterprise, Star Wars Episodes IV-VI, Marvel, DC, and also fiction, poetry, and non-fiction stories. I have a difficult time finding inspiration enough to write fiction stories though.

I have been role playing for eight years on and off. I started seven years ago on a former goth site called VampireFreaks before it was deleted by the owner. And have since found other RP sites. I collect stuffed animals and I enjoy exercising every other day of the week but less on the weekends.

I guess that's enough for now. I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully making friends.


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Hi Shiloh! :D Welcome to the ship!

I too like all of those things, except I haven't watched Deep Space Nice or Voyager yet. My star trek binging got interrupted by a house gremlin a few months ago.

Erik K. Osbourne

Crime of the Filthy Stranger
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Great to meet you, Shiloh! Looks like we have some overlapping tastes. (I'm a huge HP nerd, but I like the rest too.) I'm also a roleplayer. I never played on VampireFreaks but the name sounds familiar and I feel like I may have seen it somewhere.


Crime of the Filthy Stranger
I remember when I actually owned physical copies of Harry Potter books... let's just say the wait between book 4 and 5 did a number on poor Number 4! Welcome, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to talk about all those fandoms as we grow in numbers and things get more and more lively around here!