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Shinobi Generations

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Shinobi Generations


Where old school Naruto meets modern day role play

Welcome to Shinobi Generations: Rebirth!​
Like a phoenix rising from the flame, Shinobi Generations has also risen from the grave, and welcomes you to a brand new role playing experience. We take the classic, old school feel of Naruto role play, and introduce modern systems and unique ways to create. It is like a place never before seen, attempting things never before done, and you have a front row seat to it all! We invite you to come join us, take a look around, meet our wonderful members and experience the exciting things we have to offer! Some of the things you can expect to find during your visit to SG can be found below!

  • A unique AU world set in the world of Naruto with classic shonen story elements combined with an original story and characters.
  • A custom world, filled with custom villages, custom Bijuu, custom NPC's and a slew of original jutsu and abilities.
  • A unique attribute system that removes stat's but still gives the player structure and room to tinker.
  • An RPG style specialty system with skill paths, perks and upgrades upon leveling up.
  • A rich world full of creatures and shinobi, with a danger zone system to ensure every type of role player has a place.
  • A drama free, relaxed and low stress environment where the story and the rp trumps everything else.
  • Equal leveling systems where each player has the chance to prove their worth and tell their own story.
  • Plot events, raids, dungeons, and other role play experiences to involve yourself in!
There is a limitless amount of customization options and chances to live your life as a shinobi here on SG. We promote a healthy role playing environment where it is all about you, the member! So come check us out, maybe you will stick around and decide to join our loving family!

Shinobi Generations!