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The actually only truly good and believable Crazy Dark Lord Harry Potter fic I've ever read


Crime of the Filthy Stranger
Yes, the title was long, but I found this gem recently on AO3 and I really liked it. It's a one-shot that manages to be just the right amount of words to tell a fascinating story of a darker 'what if' than what happened after the last chapter of the series, replacing the epilogue. Obliviously Cursed Child is not happening here, and I liked how the author managed to not bash any of the characters pictured in the novel.

It's a take on the Train Station, the Master of Death and the 'Living as a Horcrux nearly all your life' thing that ended up being both horrifying and very plausible if we don't take anything beyond the Final Battle into account. I gotta warn that there is the character death of someone important to the series in there, and this ends in a very tragic manner, so get some tissues ready if you're the type to cry about sad stories, I warn you!

This is Harry-Centric AND Hermione-Centric, and I think it does both character justice despite their less than spectacular circumstances.

Here it is, enjoy!
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