• Hi there! Kraken is a forum for readers who love to write; be you an aspiring author, a fanficcer, or a roleplayer. We're hoping to build an inclusive and friendly community where we can talk about all the stories we love, support each other's work, and inspire a new generation of writers. Does this sound like fun? Join us!

    Note: Kraken is an 18+ community! We think teenagers are cool, but many adults don't feel comfortable talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, that one really creepy scene in It, or dirty fanfics with young people. Come back later, we'll still be here!

Announcement Welcome to the Soft Open of Kraken!


Crime of the Filthy Stranger
Clan of Kraken is aiming to be a fun space for adult (18 and over) readers and writers to hang out and be book nerds. Whether it is about our favorite fandoms or our own original work!

Right now Kraken is Under Development. That means the site is sort of unfinished in terms of policies and information. However, we have the core done enough to soft open for invited users so we can start creating our community!


You first arrivals get to help shape Kraken with your suggestions on policies, site mechanics, and more!

You are freely welcome to invite any new individual people you want, but hold off on sharing our link in crowded public spaces. We want the policies and starting information to be solid first!

Post topics and chat in conversations at will! But also remember we are currently tiny and may not yet have enough members to give you any personal feedback on projects or help participate in collabs.

As for staff positions we currently aren't looking for official staffers yet. However we will have positions available in the future for content moderators. We'll be choosing people that are active participants in the community and have been registered for at least 3 months.

If you have any questions or suggestions POST THEM YES.